Project obolix

The obolix was discovered by Ea, versus Lusor Joculator Basiliensis
in the summer 2010 as a strange synthesis of all his artworks, the most humble work of all, wisdom it carries whispered the waters, a bridge from heavens to earth, a link even to his memory of himself, the defense weapon against heavy smog we got entrapped in
the obolix is an atmospherical cleaner using both earth's magnetism and the sun or starlight that it transforms in magnetized prismed rays, the seven colors and qualities of the harmonic law of the universe in action, an invisible tent expanding our atmosphere
clouds are given a liberty back the heavy metals had robbed of them
see again skys like those of the beginning of the world !!
help purify our atmosphere, the tool is easy to make
one man - one village - one obolix
this site is no joke, but a real breakthrough, a great discovery, the cleaning link of the prismed rays and the waters that asked thirty years of research, though it was a path in art for philosophy and science